Blackey Madison

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"Cycling to soccer makes me horny - 2 "

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by bgrod4u 3 years ago

Average length cock but above average thickness. Great muscular legs and one of the best close up cum shots I have ever seen which made up for any of Blackey's shortcomings. Very hot video.

by 3632936 3 years ago

That comment was for Jackson88 (who has no uploaded videos) ;-)

by 3632936 3 years ago

Average is 5.75 inches! Look that up.

by Eager2pleaz 3 years ago


by Jackson88 3 years ago

Are we getting soft? That's an average dick, definately not worth 4 stars. 2 or 3 max.

by joey8mor 3 years ago

Lordy...that Blackey Madison is one freaky, hung, and full of cum...blastin' it out everywhere.