(NEW) The Return of (Very!) BIG DICK DADDY - (BB)

A recent TT Release - Big Dick Daddy BB Dano Guerre. To see more of Big Dick Daddy, welcome to view my previous post: "VERY GREEDY SUCK OF Huge cock" (3 y/ago).

Comments (8)

by cecilsparacino 4 days ago

I like the GH idea. Hot, and closer to a real-life situation.

by hungthickwill 6 days ago

Cheers to all the hung mature guys

by nycsewerman 7 days ago

now thats a kaverject cock. i love old men who use kaverject.

by blackfucker3121 7 days ago

Yep... daddy still got it....!!!!

by billbeczala 1 week ago

Gerontophile alert!!! Grandpa's really packin'

by raymondbamberger 1 week ago

Yeah, it probably is to most guys. But it could be made hot (and even witty) if shot in a gloryhole arcade.

by sekinsocal 1 week ago

this is depressing

by Drsommi 1 week ago

I will get fuck and Seed too pls from this dick ????????????????????